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Products recommended by our community
Every product we promote has been thoughtfully tested to ensure they are in alignment with our mission to Wake HER Up!

Sparkle Wellness

Our favorite, surprisingly effective Collagen!

Use code: WAKEHERUP for 15% Off

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Sojen - Sleep

The natural way to wake up feeling refreshed.
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Marcella's favorite fiber and more.
 Use Code: MARCELLA10 for 10% OFF

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The Gutsy Gyn

Our favorite multi vitamin and supplements to feel good
Use code: MARCELLA10 for 10% Off



Clean and natural ingredients for your intimate moments.  Use Code: WAKEHERUP for 15% Off 


Foria Intimacy Oil

Awaken your body & soul with pleasure intensifying oils
Use code: MARCELLAH20 for 20% Off

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